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Fa-Ce Falegnameria Cesenate Via G. Pastore, 315 - 47522 Cesena (Fc)
Tel. +39 0547/333195 - Fax +39 0547/333195 - E-mail:

PRODUCTION: tailor-made and customized products

The possibility to realized unique project-based and tailor-made products is often the key to the success of every artisan activity. This is the reason why FACE is synonymous with high-quality wood manufacturing. We constantly strive to face every new challenge with the utmost passion, enthusiasm and professionalism.

Constant innovation

An outstanding combination of ancient artisan techniques and state-of-the-art technology gives FACE the possibility to produce safe, innovative, state-of-the-art items. Technological innovation is an integral part of every product made by FACE.

Constant training

The staff members working in the different departments of the company, such as production, sales and back office, are all involved in research, development and both in-company and extra-company vocational training. We aim at increasing the peculiar skills of every single employee in order to give customers the possibility to take advantage of first-class services and high-quality products.

Eco sustainability

FACE is subject to rigid criteria what the supply of raw materials is concerned. The company relies on PEFC suppliers only, whose certification ensures timber comes from certified "sustainable" forests.

The same applies to the employed water-based paints, that ensure long-lasting protection of doors and windows because of the special pigments and UV filters they contain, which protect wood and hinder paint yellowing and exfoliation, and their targeted substances against mould and fungi. This results in increased quality and safety.

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